How to set up a Hidden browser mining on autosurf

Get a easy free website with your hidden miner.

1. Go to Webhost

2. Press sign up for free and enter your information

3. Wait for the mail conformation and then confirm the registration

4. Press manage website

5. Press upload own website and a new tab will open

6. Right click next to the .htaccess file and press new file

7. Name the new file to index.php

8. Double click the index.php file that you created

9. Copy the code in the below and paste into the index.php file

10. Go to your coingrabr page and copy the code for the hidden miner and paste into the index.php file where //replace this text..

11. Save and exit.

12. Go back to the first tab and press in the top right corner the little figure of a human. Then press my websites.

13. You will now see your websites address and status running.

14. Congratulation you got yourself a website with your hidden miner from Coingrabr.

You can now go to here and set up free browser mining.

Guide to getting a hidden miner on your website