How to set up a Hidden browser mining on autosurf

Mining with hidden miner for free!

What you need:

A website with your hidden miner embedded.

1. Go to 10khits

2. Press ‘Sign Up free’

3. Enter your information and create your account.

4. When logged in you need to gain points to use. Press Surf Now!

5. Press Surf Now again.

6. This will open a new tab where you browser will start autosurf websites and you will gain points to use.

7. Next thing is to add your site with the hidden miner to the network of sites to be autosurfed. Go back to first tab and press websites in sidebar.

8. Press add Site.


  • Enter your site
  • Put visit duration to the amount of seconds people should stay berfore getting the points for the visit.
  • Maximum Hits per hour just put to max.
  • Hits limit = send as much traffic as possible.
  • Content Screening choose depending of site content.

10. Then hit +Add site.

11. After that other members will end up on your site with the hidden miner and give you some extra few hashes. Far from all visitors gives hashes but you will gain some extra.